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The fragrances Loewe they are available in one of the most extensive and spectacular in the market. This Spanish company is characterized by a sophisticated and exclusive, perfect style for people who are always looking for the best possible quality. A personal seal that Loewe moves perfectly to a few fragrances that combine classical and elegant aromas with the trends the industry new and riskier. A philosophy that allows diversification proposals and focus on different profiles of men and women. His catalogue of perfumes He began to forge in 1972 with the first female releases of the firm. Only two years it took to launch his first proposal, focused on the male market. In 1974 became a road that had no turning back, and allowed Loewe to become a renowned brand.

Its feminine collections are some of the most iconic fragrances. These fragrances They focus on natural aromas that inspire the most pure and real feelings. The air series was born in 1985, but it was not until the beginning of the 21st century when expanded proposals to rejuvenate a sensual and elegant proposal. Aire Loewe SensualA Mi AireAire Loewe AtardecerAire Loco o Loco edp they are some of the colonies you expand a woman attractive and safe if same concept. Aura Loewe Magnética y Quizás, Quizás, Quizás Pasión they represent those games of seduction that are imposed on the female market.

The colognes Loewe available for men also opt for the diversity of aromas. A few chords that rescued a male figure with character and personality. Perfumes as Loewe 7 Natural, Loewe 7 SportSolo Loewe PlatinumLoewe pour Homme Sport are fragrances male that she is characterised by its firm commitment to the classics and intense aromatic accents. A few ingredients that recover emotions and feelings and put them at the service of a few new generations who have no ninga fear to stand as they are.

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