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The Hugo Boss fragrances are available in each of the catalogues of perfumes most extensive and popular market. A great diversity of fragrances that you do not close the doors to any type of consumer, always offering the ideal fragrance for a special occasion or every day. The key to the success of this firm lies in his passion for the intense and natural aromas. In addition, notable for a very creative style where the fragrances present aromatic chords perfectly contrasted and balanced. Sensuality and elegance are virtues that are put in value in this catalogue that leaves no one indifferent.

Their presence in the male market is more remarkable. It is a firm that has spoiled all of their releases, as Hugo edt Man, one of their classics. A Cologne the year 1995 that stands out for its fresh and spicy aroma. This fragrance has paved the way to a style without complexes looking for men insurance itself. One of the best-known series is which includes the fragrances Boss Bottled Sport and Boss Bottled Night. Two perfumes that focus on two completely different lifestyle. Boss Orange ManHugo Just Different and Hugo Red they are the proof that the Hugo Boss fragrances for men They also include exotic aromas.

Female fragrances also have some emblematic creations. Hugo Woman eau de toilette popularly known as the water bottle represents its first major success for woman. A fragrance launched in 1997 that focuses on the floral and fruity aromas. A safe bet that presents an olfactory pyramid of classic and elegant cut. The sensuality comes a great importance in two of its most captivating proposals. Boss Jour Femme and Boss Ma Vie recover that woman attractive and delicate that it loves a romantic style.

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