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Fragrances DONNA KARAN

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    Donna Karan New York (DKNY usually written) is an American clothing brand, perfumes footwear, handbags and other accessories founded in 1984 by Donna Karan. His stylistic proposal is aimed at the young, urban and modern person. Located initially at New York Headquarters, over time it has expanded all over the world, branching is and multiply at the same time its different collections of fashion according to the client's profile. In the field of the fragrances, DKNY offers an extensive repertoire for man and woman.
    DKNY Be Delicious Woman It offers an aroma of fruit type already promised in the delicious Apple from the bottle shape. This marvel of femininity with notes of grapefruit, rose and magnolia combining seduction and mischief, as if it were a modern invitation to original sin.
    DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom delves into that pop with freshness and taste of Apple blossom, with the naive and lyrical nature of roses and jasmine, delightfully supported by blonde Woods: a Perfume for the woman bold and sophisticated, not afraid to be the center of attention.
    The Perfume DKNY Woman EDP It is a striking and luxurious fragrance that lifts the feminine category of pure elegance. Its magical combination of green, Orange tomato and vodka leads to a cold and seamless, cosmopolitan and self-employed aroma.
    The Donna Karan New York fragrances for man DKNY Be Delicious Men and the DKNY Cologne Men with their green notes, Woody and some coffee grounds manage to encapsulate in one Cologne the essence of masculinity and the vital bustle of New York, the natural impulse and the urban and modern existence.

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