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Courreges is the fashion firm founded by André Courrèges and Coqueline Barrière in 1961 with a markedly futuristic, modernist trend inspired by designs of modern technology and avant-garde ideas. Movement and color are two of their distinctive features. Courreges revolutionized the world of fashion with their short dresses, miniskirts and geometrically cut clothing for which often opted for the use of plastic, directing its products mostly to young people and sports during the 1960s.
In the field of perfumery, the fragrances and perfumes of Courreges pursued the man both refinement and woman. The Cologne Eau de Courreges, released in 1977, is the iconic fragrance of the fragrances Courreges, subtle combination of naturalness and refinement, always present in the company philosophy. With this product it delves into two ideological pillars of Courreges: active life and sport. With an output of bergamot, lime and sour orange essence, the intensity of citrus accompanies the notes of Absinthe on a background of patchouli and oak Moss, resulting the unisex scent of natural and eventful freshness that is characteristic of the fragrances Courreges.

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