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The Burberry fragrances they are available in one of the most spectacular of the market. And the prestigious British firm can boast among its proposals include a number of iconic fragrances. Under a sleek and sophisticated label will discover great versatility which shows that by the Burberry fragrances not the years pass. The first perfumes to man and woman Burberry were launched in the Decade of the 80s of the last century, when many designers and fashion brands don't gambled still on the production of perfumes. 

The Decade of the 1990s lived the creative explosion of this firm. The Burberry Men edt perfume born in the year 1995 and helps to consolidate this signature within a male sector where the classical and traditional aromas were still imposed. Aromatic chords and Woody created by Créations Aromatiques became an icon. 

Burberry loves to bet on collections and special series. Burberry Touch Women and Burberry Touch Men, launched at the end of the last century, became in two fragrances that shared a same floral olfactory pyramid, but with variations to suit both genders. A demonstration of the modern and cosmopolitan vision of this firm.

Under the name of Brit hides one of the best known collections of the market. Burberry Brit woman edpBurberry Brit woman edt Y Burberry Brit Men they are fragrances for men and women who recovered the aromas of yesteryear. Proposals that combine the most British chords and clarify them and balance with modern and urban accents. Innovative and creative insight to adapt sophisticated philosophy of Burberry in the 21st century.

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items