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Berioska, family business located in the town of Cheste valencia, is the owner of the firm Babaria. Babaria beauty products have international presence; an expansion based on continuous reinvestment of the assets generated by the company. Quality is the ultimate goal of the brand, therefore, every production process is taken care with maximum detail, thanks to a modern laboratory and its r & d Department, which guarantee products of cosmetics and competitive staff in different markets.

The Valencian company has a wide range of perfumes and cosmetics for the body carecapillary care and facial care, in addition to products for the tanning and the Sun protection. All a catalog aimed at the personal care of the men and women, as well as child care.

Body creams, hand and foot care, oils, gels, shampoos, conditioners, fixatives, solar milks... The range of products of Babaria through numerous test quality, under the supervision of dermatologists and aestheticians, which guarantees an optimal result of each one of its products. Creams and lotions for the complete care of the body, with the best treatmentsAccording to the needs of the skin and hair, so that both men as women, continue their habits in a more natural way.

Some of the ingredients in their products are aloe vera, thanks to its effects reparative and regenerative, contributing to a skin young and healthy for longer. For his part, rosa mosqueta lotion increases skin hydration, and also has a high content of tretinoin (trans-Retinoic acid), highly efficient for the treatment of stains on the skin. It also highlights the use of essential oils of argan, almond and jojoba, ideal to moisturize and protect the skin against aging.

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Showing 1 - 40 of 140 items