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Loris Azzaro opened its first store in Paris in 1962 and their designs based on the most sophisticated materials became Haute Couture just six years later. Their clothes slipped in the locker room of the most select clientele and the most famous stars of the moment and the name of the firm got a quick notoriety. In 1977, the designer partnered with Richard Wirtz, a businessman specializing in beauty products, and introduced in the catalog of brand products the fragrances Azzaro.

This association was born the Cologne Azzaro pour Homme, a male fragrance whose success still persists decades later. The great acceptance by the market of this Cologne It took the firm to continue exploring the world of the perfumes and got another big win in 1996 with the launch of its Azzaro Chrome Cologne. In recent decades the firm has given a special prominence to the fragrances for man and woman to the extent that today have become the great bastion of Azzaro.

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