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The fragrances Agatha Ruiz De La Prada perfectly represent his particular vision about fashion. Aromas laden with feelings and emotions that reflect a creative style that is hardly comparable. The first designs of Agatha Ruiz De La Prada is launched with the arrival of the new millennium. A year 2000 that marked the beginning of a commitment to success that many men and women have ratified. 

Gotas de Color It is a fragrance seen as a genuine turning point. In this fragrance will discover a creative mature in its floral and fruity chords. An olfactory pyramid presented in many of their creations and form part of a personal seal.

The great consolidation of this signature comes with Love Forever Love. A perfume of romantic accents that is born in the year 2013. Bet on exotic fruits and green notes to achieve a structure loaded with passion. Love Glam Love also belongs to the same collection. This colony in the year 2014, is focused on nuanced aromas where you will discover elegant and sophisticated notes.

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