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Adolfo Dominguez It is one of the most reputed and veteran Spanish fashion designers. His career goes back to 1970, where he opened his first store in Orense. He has been awarded with important national and international awards, and was the first Spanish designer to launch a line of perfumes for men and women, under his own name. Throughout these years, the designer has promoted a tendency ready-to-wear aimed at all sectors of society. The Colognes Adolfo Dominguez for most popular and prominent men and women are as follows:

Viaje a Ceylan woman, exotic, and sensual, this is a fragrance that blends fresh notes of rose and jasmine with lemon, amber, patchouli and Woody notes.

Agua de Bambu Man, Adolfo Dominguez male Colognes, include bamboo water, above all by its irresistible, long-lasting and energetic freshness that provides bergamot, grapefruit and black pepper.

Agua de Bambu woman, With a delicious aroma is floral and very rich in nuances, the colonyBamboo water gives off fragrance of bamboo and yuzu, Eastern citrus fruit that takes us to the very heart of Asia.

Agua Fresca de Rosas Blancas, fragrance that pays homage to one of the ingredients used in all perfumeries, rose, making impact with a modern and subtle aroma that makes the delights of the most sophisticated and sensual women.

The Galician Designer Adolfo Dominguez It is a clear example of that the colognes and its aromas are directly attached to the fashion, art and culture, being an indispensable complement to make people conform its own character and style. Its most representative perfumes, featured in these lines, treasure these qualities and have come to reach a broad spectrum of society.

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Showing 1 - 36 of 36 items